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We understand that for business owners, a primary question when looking for a marketing company is “do they get results”?

Below are some examples of the great results we have achieved for a wide range of businesses:

1. Local companies serving a local UK areaSurrey Based Dyslexia School, Sussex Based Physiotherapy Practice, Interior Designer in Tunbridge Wells, Yacht Charter Business In Cowes, South London Kitchen Company, Hayward’s Heath Driving Instructor, Surrey Chartered Surveyor, Surrey Based Building Company, Chichester Based Cleaning Company

2. Local companies reaching to the whole of the UKLondon Based Office Furniture Company, Guildford Based Coach Hire Company

3. National Companies targeting the whole of the UKNational Concrete and Plastic Barrier Company

4. National Companies targeting the UK and beyondA Global Logistics Company

National Companies Targeting the UK and beyond

A Global Logistics Company

  • From zero to over 3,000 unique visitors per month enabling business expansion to new global markets

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 0 to 209 in only 11 months!


When we first started working for this company at the end of 2012, they were spending £1,000’s per month on Google AdWords Pay Per click, and has no natural traffic from Google rankings.

Our brief was to drive new enquiries to the business from their website from Search Engine Optimisation.

The results of this client’s website have been nothing short of spectacular, with now 209 keywords ranking on Google’s front page, and over 3,000 new unique visitors per month to the site which is now driving a significant number of new business enquiries, so many that it’s allowed the business to start targeting new global markets.

National Companies Targeting The Whole of the UK

National Concrete and Plastic Barrier Company

  • From next to no leads online to nearly all new business via the web!

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 8 to 85 in only 8 months!


This customer is a highly regarded and well established company that has been in business for over 30 years.

Very well know locally, the company owners were frustrated that they did not receive many enquiries online.

The Search Engine Optimisation with this client has been a huge success increasing their top ten Google Rankings to 85; which now means that the majority of their new business is generated via their website

Local Companies Serving a National Area

London Based Office Furniture Company

  • Greatly increased direct sales from their website fuelling business expansion

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 0 to 39 in only 9 months!


This client is a successful office furniture supplier with a large existing website which listed 100’s of products. Whilst the website was a good one, it had not been optimised for the search engines, and as a result it did not rank for any of their primary keywords, and therefore their direct sales for the website was negligible.

After optimising their site it has seen a significant increase in visitors and direct sales.

This increased business has allowed this company to grown and increase their product line.

Guildford Based Coach Hire Company

  • Spectacular increase in online bookings as a direct result of Search Engine Optimisation, website redesign and re-structured Pay Per Click campaign

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 23 to 69 in only 8 months!


When we first spoke to this client, they were very unhappy with the thousands of pounds they were spending per month on the marketing of their website from both Google Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation, with no obvious results!

After a detailed audit of what was happening

  • We took over the badly structured Google Pay Per Click campaign and immediately increased the number of leads, and for a lower budget!
  • We redesigned the website so more visitors knew how to make a booking and made bookings!
  • We took over the Search Engine Optimisation and increased the top 10 rankings from 23 to 69 in 8 months!

Local Companies Serving a Local Area

Surrey Based Dyslexia School

  • Greatly increased the number of enquiries and new clients from the website

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 1 to 31 in only 6 months!


We were personally recommended this client as they were not happy with the way that their existing website looked.

After looking at their website we made them aware that they were also missing out on a great deal of potential online customer enquiries.

We both re-designed their website and worked on their Search Engine Optimisation.

Not only now does their website now look up to date and create a professional look for the school, the number of enquiries from their website has increased significantly.

Sussex Based Physiotherapy Practice

  • Successfully delivered a greater number and wider range of customer enquiries for an increased number of services

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 10 to 36 in only 9 months!


This business was well established when they came to us and their website had performed well delivering lots of enquiries for ‘Physio In Town’ searches on Google.

They were an expanding practice and now needed to drive additional enquiries for their new therapists who were now offering a widening range of services. Our brief was to generate these enquiries through local search engine optimisation.

In a 9 month period we increased their Google top 10 position from 10 to 36 ranking them for a much wider range of search terms.

This has successfully delivered enquiries for the full range of service that they offer helping the business to grow even further.

Interior Designer in Tunbridge Wells

  • Building new business in a completely new geographical area

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 0 to 49 in only 12 months!


This client had a well established existing business, but was moving from Manchester to Tunbridge Wells, so therefore required the website to start generating enquiries in their new location.

We therefore targeted the client’s new location with the full range of services they offer and the results have been excellent.

From ranking for zero keywords they now have 49 Top 10 positions in Google and have managed to start from scratch driving business in a completely new area.

Yacht Charter Business In Cowes

  • 9 front page rankings in 8 weeks greatly increasing the number of enquiries

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 0 to 22 in only 8 months!


When we first spoke to this company they had just had a professional looking website built for them by a local web designer.

The site looked fantastic, though unfortunately had not been put together with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, and therefore the site was not driving any leads or enquiries.

After analysis of their site, we identified a number of areas there the SEO performance could be improved.

The implementation of these changed saw very fast effect, with 9 top ten keyword rankings in only 8 weeks.

The client now has 22 page one rankings and has seen a significant number of increased sales as a direct result of the website and the SEO work done.

South London Kitchen Company

  • Increased business from the web has allowed expansion into new product lines and services

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 4 to 32 in only 3 months!


This client is a locally based kitchen business which had been operating successfully in the area for over 35 years.

To date their business had been driven from traditional marketing such as newspaper adverts, plus referrals from very happy existing customers to their friends and family.

The business owners, however, were keen to market their business online believing that would be a great new source of business leads.

Since working with them we have increase their Google top 10 rankings from 4 to 32, which in turn has greatly increased the number of kitchen sales.

Not only has this increased business turnover and profitability, but has given the business owners the confidence to expand into new product lines.

Haywards Heath Driving Instructor

  • Brand new website from zero to 25 front page listings in 6 months!


Our client was a brand new business and needed to drive (no pun intended!) leads from his local area.

So we built him a brand new website in WordPress, then got to work on the SEO with the limited budget that he had.

On February he had zero page one listings on Google, but by August had 25.

He currently drives the majority of his business from his website.

Surrey Chartered Surveyor

  • New business has increased so much from the web now has the problem of recruiting enough surveyors!

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 1 to 46 in 15 months!


This company is a successful Chartered Surveying practice, having operated in the local area for many years.

Their business had always come from the traditional routes; solicitors, mortgage brokers and personal recommendations.

The first work we did for this client was to re-build their website, but it was in essence an online brochure and did not drive any new business enquiries.

We recommended optimising the site and within 15 months of starting work our client had top 10 Google rankings for 46 keywords, and had so much business he was struggling to employ enough surveyors quickly enough to handle the increased business; a nice problem to have!

Surrey Based Building Company

  • Client is delighted to now getting the three jobs a month they were looking for

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 0 to 50 in only 6 months!


We started working for this small building contractor, who in their own words has zero understanding of the web.

Their existing website generated them no business leads and was poorly set up for good performance on Google.

We re-built their site and started optimising it for some very niche areas of construction aimed at the South London market.

In only six months we increased the number of keywords that they were ranking for from zero to 50, and their website now gives them the three jobs a month they were looking for.

Chichester Based Cleaning Company

  • Greatly increased business leads and the geographical area from where business enquiries come from

  • Google top 10 keyword positions increased from 50 to 98 in 10 months!


This business has a well set up website and was driving a good number of enquiries from the internet.

However they were looking to expand their business and our brief was to greatly increase the area from which they were to receive enquiries.

We therefore targeted a number of areas and towns from which to generate additional business and as a direct result their volume of enquiries increased dramatically, with their Google top 10 keywords increasing from 50 to 98!

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